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Monday, September 28, 2015 1:42:04 PM(UTC) | by SparkBrian \ 1 comment
On October 5, Project Spark will be rolling out its biggest update and platform change. This update overhauls many Project Spark systems and areas. The biggest change is the fact that we are transitioning from a free-to-play model to a free incubation engine. But that’s not all. There’s plenty more information to soak in. To make it easier to digest, we’ve broken out each news item with its own blog post.

Title Update 16: New Features
This update comes with a slew of changes and features. We’ve doubled the terrain limit, increased your prop limit by 500, changed our UGC ratings/ranking system and made brains smarter, to name a few.

For a full list of all changes included in Title Update 16, keep scrolling.

Achievement Updates
We’ve made updates to more than 20 of our Project Spark achievements, giving alternatives for how you can unlock them. We focused on Achievements related to downloads, ratings, the marketplace and Treasure Trove. This is in an effort to give fairer ways to unlock the hard-to-reach Achievements, while incentivizing more play of Community Creations.

For a full list of all Achievement changes, read our Achievements blog post here.

New Content Galore
On October 5, we’re also releasing around 200 new assets in Project Spark. We wanted to end our content pack release with explosive style, giving you not just one, but 3 new content packs all on the same day and all for free! Additionally, we have added all current and planned Treasure Trove content into your prop gallery. So you’ll find plenty of interesting, awesome and random new additions.

For a full breakdown on all content, including Noxious Bog, Dragon’s Ascension and Complex Primitives, read our new content blog here.

Moving from Part-Localization to English-Only
Another big decision our team made alongside our marketplace updates was to remove localization from Project Spark. This makes the title English-only. Many factors led us to this decision, and we wanted to talk through each of them so you understand why we think this change was in the best interest of our global community:
  • Project Spark has previously been partially localized in other languages. What that meant is that half of the in-game content you might find in your local language, with the other half non-localized in English-only. This made it difficult for users to navigate and search through creation options, as some showed in a person’s local language and others in English. This was not a great experience for our creators and we have received the request to turn off localization for a consistent one-language experience.
  • We are not able to fully localize all of Project Spark content at this time. We hope to in the future and think it’s best to reintroduce Project Spark in other languages once everything has been full localized in said languages.
  • The removal of localization reduces the Project Spark install and update file size by more than 30%, making it a much lighter and faster install for all users.
  • We listened closely to our international community and have found that while this move may negatively impact some international creators, the majority have been asking for this change to make their experience consistent.

Title Update 16 (1.16.0) Release Notes

All content is now free!
  • Marketplace removed
  • Treasure Trove removed
  • All content packs unlocked in your prop gallery
  • All level-locked Champion gear, weapons, and effects unlocked immediately
  • Treasure Trove exclusive items unlocked immediately

New Content!
  • Noxious Bog
  • Complex Primitives
  • Dragon’s Ascension
  • Zgloug’s Capsule, Zgloug’s Capsule – Bottom, and Zgloug’s Capsule - Top. Our CreationJam winner’s props!
  • + More!

Achievement Alternatives!
  • 20+ achievements have been updated with Title Update 16.

New Creator Changes:
  • Increased Terrain Limit by 2x
  • Increased max prop count by 500
  • Ability to edit text literals in the Brain
  • Decreased minimum brush size from 15% to 5%
  • Brain Editor remembers your last place
  • New option in World Properties menu to reduce the amount of small objects disappearing in your field of view on low draw distance settings – “Relax Object Culling”

New Feed Changes:
  • Level ratings no longer visible on UGC screens
  • New algorithm for all feed sorting (no longer based on ratings)
  • Feeds categories ordering, names and rules have all been updated

New User/Account Changes:
  • Every user has 100 UGC slots
  • Removed Spark Premium status
  • Removed Tokens and Golden Tickets from displaying in accounts
  • Removed challenges, milestones, and goals related to Marketplace, Treasure Trove, and Tour

Additional Changes:
  • Project Spark Tour removed
  • Conker content can be used in offline mode
  • Linkin Spark content deprecated for new users (existing users will still have access to content)
  • Removed localized text and VO from Project Spark (English only)
  • Removed Coming Soon tags
  • Reduced Project Spark install size by 1.2 GB

  • “Mechanical Mine Hopper Active Loop” now has the Loop tag.
  • Battle Stations SFX and music now have the Battle Stations tag.
  • The following sounds play at the correct volume in the gallery:
    • Ambience Communication Room Loop
    • Human Crowd Small Boo Loop
    • Human Crowd Small Cheer Loop
    • Magic Energy Charge Up Medium Loop
    • Material Dirt Debris Small
    • Mechanical Mine Hopper Active Loop
    • Music Void Battle loop 01

  • Fixed a crash that happened when pasting a page or rule that contained one or more tiles that had been edited/renamed/deleted
    *]Fixed a crash that happened when animated meshes searched for the correct child bump sensor
    *]Tile Picker folder for level linked worlds now has a title and icon

  • Objects attached to animated props will copy properly in build mode now, rather than being left flagged not to save.
  • Color tint channels in props “Holiday Light” and “Light String” are now appropriately named. How do you like them Apple A’s?

  • Overall Stabilization and Bug Fixing

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